Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lisa Luby Ryan's House for Sale

Hope you all are enjoying your summer!  I was on Facebook yesterday and noticed a post by Lisa Luby Ryan about her estate sale.  I saw the post at 8:30am and the estate sale started at 9am.  Looking around at me and my kids who were all still in our pi's I knew we wound't make it.  So I looked up the address just to see where her house is located.  It's listed by Briggs Freeman Sotheby's and I immediately fell in love with the neutral and sophisticated interiors.  This home has been featured by Veranda magazine and was built in 1995 by the owners.  High quality materials and appliances throughout but of course that's what you would expect from a designer like Lisa Luby Ryan.  This 4 bedroom 3 and a half bath is under contract but it's always fun to peek inside outstanding homes and this sure is one of them!

If you aren't familiar with Lisa Luby Ryan then you have to check out her website HERE.  She has a fabulous store in Snider Plaza that I have taken clients too and always enjoy visiting.  I also did another post on her work HERE.  

The front door is an immediate clue to the kind of experience you'll have once you walk in.  I love the antique prints and chandelier.  Even the lighting going up the stairs is not only smart but contemporary and subtle.

This chest of drawers against the pale walls and white trim set the mood for the whole house.

This mix of white and linen layers is beautiful. 

I love this dining room.

The ironstone and the Barbara Barry chairs are my favorite features of this room.

Cozy and comfortable this room is so inviting.  I love the mirrored cabinets and natural lighting.

The ship painting over the fireplace is beautiful as are the antique chairs.

Sliding doors into the living room are super functional and I love seeing the black and white painting.  Lisa is great at mixing antiques with contemporary.

My favorite thing about this room is the scripture on the wall.  

The kitchen's simple statement compliments the rest of the home.

The baskets on the island are a great use of hidden attractive storage.

I always love a canopy bed.  Wish I could see more of those bedside chests.  The window treatments are great in here.

Lisa Luby Ryan's eye for details make each room unique and special.

Office with kitchen.  The stair rail looks interesting.  She is so great at implementing these antique artifacts in the most fascinating way.

Contemporary artwork and beautiful linens.  Burlap back chairs are a great touch.

Love the displayed shelves with old oil paintings and books.

Marble countertop and bank of drawers with the rope detail hardware is beautiful.

Love this bed too!  I wish I could see that bathroom - it looks fabulous.

The pool is perfection.  

 Landscaping is simple and gorgeous.

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