Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nantucket Houses No 7

Built in 1747, this gorgeous Nantucket home is not only for sale but also a vacation rental.  I love the crisp white exterior, immaculate details and quaint window boxes full of flowers.  You are greeted with a smile before you even step foot inside.  Love when a home of such age is restored with care and much attention to detail.  Not sacrificing the character and history of the home, the restoration still maintains the unique qualities of its original design.

You can see the rental listing HERE or the buying listing HERE
Isn't it great how Nantucket is simple in design but so tasteful and respectful of its history and location.  I just can't get enough of these gorgeous homes!

Did you take the DESIGN QUIZ I created to find out what style you are?  Be sure to check it out over at Elle Cole's blog HERE and HERE to discover your style!
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What's your design style?

Do you ever wonder what design style best describes you?  

Well I am so excited today to be a guest on Elle Cole's blog talking about design styles and offering you a chance to discover yours.  Elle Cole is a Dallas designer with a keen eye for style and grace.  I met Elle on the steering committee for the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art and immediately admired her taste and work.  Always fashionable she totally dresses the part and creates interiors that reflect her classic style.  

If you want to take a few fun minutes to discover your design style then head on over to Elle's blog HERE and take the quiz I created AND enter for a chance to win a beautiful Aerin lamp!

Elle Cole

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nantucket Houses No 6

14 Darling Street is within walking distance to Main Street in Nantucket.  This home may not be as large as the past Nantucket houses I've shown you but by no means is it lacking anything on style.  Quaint and charming, this house is full of character.  I particularly love the eating/sitting area off the kitchen.  The bathrooms and master bedroom are also adorable.  Great design here!  Someone knew exactly what they were doing and the result is "darling".  Every room is very restrained in accessories and yet it comes across just perfect and completely free of clutter. 

Check out the listing here.

Thanks for spending a few minutes of your day and summer with me admiring the lovely homes of Nantucket.  

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