Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What's your design style?

Do you ever wonder what design style best describes you?  

Well I am so excited today to be a guest on Elle Cole's blog talking about design styles and offering you a chance to discover yours.  Elle Cole is a Dallas designer with a keen eye for style and grace.  I met Elle on the steering committee for the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art and immediately admired her taste and work.  Always fashionable she totally dresses the part and creates interiors that reflect her classic style.  

If you want to take a few fun minutes to discover your design style then head on over to Elle's blog HERE and take the quiz I created AND enter for a chance to win a beautiful Aerin lamp!

Elle Cole

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  1. It says I decorate for Coastal Comfort...not exactly sure what that means, but it sounds like a match for me (especially given that we have been looking at lake houses lately. :) ) Thanks for the fun quiz!

  2. Hi Kelly! Thank you for taking the quiz and leaving me feedback. I'm so honored you are reading my blog - I love your blog! I am doing another guest post on Elle Cole's blog on Wednesday where she is announcing the winner of the lamp and I'm explaining the different design styles. Have fun looking at lake houses. I can't wait to see what you select. Thanks again!!


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