Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Atlantic Beach, North Carolina

I've missed you all.  My drop off to the blog world started when I went on vacation with my husband and son to visit our friends at their family beach house back in September.  I'm also 12 weeks pregnant and haven't felt so great so I apologize for the lack of posts. 

Back to our vacation...
This beach house is not an ordinary comes with a long time family history that's rich in tradition, faith and a good measure of fun.  This house is called Papa's Palace, located on Atlantic Beach in North Carolina.  Every year the Harrison's host a house full of friends and family.  This was our second time to visit and we all had a magical time at the beach.  The weather was perfect with sunbathing temperatures in the day and cooler nights.  I especially enjoyed getting up early and walking the beach.  Watching the birds come in to catch their breakfast, the fisherman setting up their nets and of course, I loved taking pictures of the homes. 

Here's more than a few homes I enjoyed looking at and wanted to share with you.  I just imagined what it would be like to call one of these my summer home.  I loved all the shingle style homes with lots of windows, balconies to soak in the ocean views, beautiful landscaping, and the quaint and unique features that each home possessed.

The top picture is the home we stayed at.  Built by our friend, Stuart Harrison's great great grandfather for his dying wife as a gift to her, this home is full of history, rooms, a screened-in front porch my son tended to gravitate to, a generous dining room for everyone to eat in and a great living space that we enjoyed evening Bible studies in along with games and reading.  What I loved the most is the back porch with rocking chairs, a swing, a sunbathing deck and plenty of space for lots of people to sit outside and enjoy the sunset.

The number of windows and porches on these homes are amazing

Always love a black and white house

Great arrangement of the porches and I love the railing layout and details

This home was one block from the ocean but I loved the landscaping and cute front porch

Great views must be seen in every room of this house

Shingles, Shingles, Shingles (love the contrast)

One of my favorites

This house was adorable with its low key appearance and almost hidden porch with the hanging swing, french door and octagon window (all somewhat hidden behind the ivy).  Definitely also one of my favorites - I could live here year round.

One of the newer homes on the block - this home is big!

Perfect Symmetry

Grand and beautiful

Also one of the newer homes on the block - the driveway is a gorgeous basket weave pattern

This home sit up high on a hill - there's a lot more to this house on the opposite side but it had a private drive so I couldn't get any pictures.

Love the window box

I would take 3 stories and screened porches

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Thursday, November 22, 2012


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Today I am thankful for so much in my life!  The fact that I was chosen to live and breathe and be apart of this wonderful and yet sometimes super difficult thing called life is a gift in itself.  God is so good!  He made us for Him - to experience a love, an adventure, a friend unlike any other we will find on this earth.  The best gift of all, He gave us His son, Jesus, to believe in so we can one day experience everlasting life that far exceeds our greatest joys on this earth.  So as I reflect on what God has given me - a husband and son, a child to be (I'm expecting the end of May), my extended family and friends and you as my I am thankful and I hope you are too.

Hoping your day is filled to the overflowing with God's blessings and love!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Simply Stunning in Santa Monica

369 23rd Street in Santa Monica is a gorgeous 1930's Classic Traditional reminiscent of a classic Paul Williams.  This home sold in 2011 by David Offer with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths this home is perfectly restored and remodeled.  Marble master bathroom, an adorable blue and white tile kids bath, a kitchen to cook in with gorgeous kitchen table chairs and a closet with the cutest little square window...these are just a few of my favorite things about this house.  
Oh and let's not forget the backyard is simply stunning with its brick paving everywhere!

photos via movoto
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