Tuesday, October 16, 2012

David Michael Miller Associates

David Michael Miller Associates is design firm located in Scottsdale, AZ.  As a boutique residential interior design studio, David Michael Miller enhances interior spaces with his refined style and keen sense of form and function.  Each project is thoughtfully tailored to the individual client.  

For example, the three projects of his I want to highlight today cover the spectrum of design styles: 

The first project is an elegant, traditional English Country House with all the character and charm of 
symmetry, well chosen furnishings, materials and architectural details that make this home gracious and inviting.

The second project is an Eclectic Desert Pied-A-Terre with a transitional vibe.  Traditional elements combined with simpler shapes and more solid colors makes this residence livable and playful.  Serious but not too serious, this home exuberates light and comfort.

The third project I chose is a Modern Urban Loft.  Contemporary art, refined resistance to pattern and excess, and a beautiful use of materials, form and lighting all play a wonderful role in this loft.  

The fact that David Michael Miller Associates can contribute to many design styles says a lot about his talent and his ability to cater to his clients own unique tastes and desires.

To see more of his beautiful work check out his website here.





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  1. hi Trisha, so neat to see DMM's very different projects! Wow they're great. Love the traditional :) Have a wonderful weekend! Robin

  2. Thanks for your feedback Robin! I love the traditional as well!


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