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Exclusive Dallas Home and Gardens

You probably know by now how much I love the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art.  If you have not read my previous ICAA posts you can do so by clicking on the ICAA category link on the right hand column.  The first meeting this fall was at a french normandy home and I just can't resist sharing the images by James Edwards of this educational and stunning garden and home tour.

The Dallas Fort Worth ICAA September meeting was hosted by Lambert's Landscape Company who did the breathtaking gardens for this residence.  It was a combination of a garden tour by Lambert's Paul Fields, an interiors tour by Interior Designer Barbara Vessels and a panel discussion that included the entire team including the builder, Rusty Goff of Goff Custom Homes and the highly talented Architect, Larry Boerder of Larry E. Boerder Architects and Interiors.

Starlight Home Theater and Beyond provided the valet for the evening.  It was a perfect night for an outdoor event and what better way to spend it but in the home and gardens of the gracious owners.

Shane from Starlight and Shanon from LUXE Magazine.

Everyone received the latest LUXE magazine - thank you LUXE!

Lambert's was our generous Title Sponsor for this grand affair.

I loved the roses and the rose vine over the arched window.  The aroma and colors were intoxicating and heightened the sensory experience of the garden.

Lambert's did a stunning job of creating these quaint and magnificent vignettes throughout the landscape.  This was just one of them and I loved the gravel underfoot with the brick diamond pattern.  This was an adjoining space between the home and workout facility.

Here's a broad view looking to the back of the house.  Here you see a great overview of the rose garden.  The boxwoods hem in the roses on all sides with a bird bath in the middle.  

This was the focal point of the entire backyard and was lined up with the front door axis that created an extended view all the way through the house.  Everything was executed and designed with precision and detail.  One of the great benefits of bringing an entire team together from the beginning and not in stages.

They had the best fall decorations that perfectly accented the garden.  I loved the trees that lined the pool.  The pool grotto is a 16th century lavabo salvaged from a French monastery.  

Paul Fields, Landscape Architect for Lambert's Landscape Company gave the outdoor tour.  Here you can see the hand scraped gazebo that sat in front of the window lined workout facility.  The most unique feature about the exterior of this home was that being a beautiful evening it was quite warm at first but as soon as we stepped into the backyard I felt immediate cooler temperatures and come to find out the owner requested that the porches be 20 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature.  The porches were lined with floor a/c vents that did the job well!  It was so comfortable and the best idea for this Texas heat.

The ICAA Young Professionals crew...Crystal, Porter and Valerie always helping out and serving the ICAA at every meeting.

The master bedroom was chalked full of amazing antiques and thought worthy textiles that equated to a very thorough concept and cohesive design.  I loved this room!

The builder, Rusty Goff of Goff Custom Homes led one of the tours inside the home.  Look at the ceiling and the walls!

This was her personal library that set adjacent to the master bedroom.  Every fireplace was uniquely different and specifically chosen for that space. 

Such a charming space, Interior Designer Barbara Vessels did a magnificent job.

Scot and Christy Gatchell.  

The staircase details were meticulously designed to create a hand constructed scallop profile.

Adrian Callais, Architect, Project Manager for Larry E. Boerder Architects and Interiors along with Tim Baxter and the Troy Oswald with Baxter Painting that all worked on this residence.

The great room was full of light and open space.  The fireplace in here was uniquely created by Barbara Vessels where she found flow blue tiles at Round Top and had them placed in the wet plaster fireplace to create a french country authenticity.

The kitchen had a great view of the exterior drive court that literally looked as if it was transplanted from France.

Tom Nugent of Lambert's coordinated this fantastic garden tour and panel discussion.  Elle Cole, Christy Gatchell and the Young Professionals all assisted Tom to make this event the success that it was.

  Chris and Dana Barritt of Larry E. Boerder Architects and Interiors

Laura Morrison, Christy Gatchell who is the GM at Waterworks Dallas and Wendy Mayes

John Wange and Sarah Welsh.  Sarah Welsh is with LUXE Magazine.

 Karen and Craig Vaughn.  Craig is an Architect at Fusch Architects.

The fabulous Fort Worth duo Interior Designer Amy Walton and Architect Randall Walton of Walton and Walton.

Patty and John Sebastian of Sebastian Construction Group.

 My gorgeous aunt, Arlene Petersen attended the event with me!  It was so fun to have her there.  She generously allowed me the great opportunity to work on her new home this last year.

We had a great turnout and look at the perfect symmetry here.  You know how much I love symmetry!

The panel featured the team and their insightful thoughts on working on this home and the gardens.  Elle Cole curated the panel discussion and did a great job!  Thanks Elle!

 It was so great to hear the theory behind the design and the many details and thought processes that occurred to create this masterpiece.

Adrian Callais, Architect and Project Manager at Larry E. Boerder Architects and Interiors
Paul Fields, Landscape Architect, Lamberts Landscape Company
Barbara Vessels, Interior Designer, Barbara J. Vessels Interiors
Larry Boerder, Architect, Larry E. Boerder Architects and Interiors
Mrs. Jean Pogue, Homeowner
Rusty Goff, Builder, Goff Custom Homes

A special thanks to our wonderful sponsors:

Lambert's Landscape Company

Elle Cole
Goff Custom Homes
LUXE magazine
Starlight Home Theater and Beyond

All photography by James Edward

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Pogue for welcoming us into your beautiful home!

To find out more about the ICAA visit their website HERE.

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  1. Saw you through Cote de Texas. What a wonderful home and the gardens were outstanding. Thanks for sharing


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