Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dear Carolina by Kristy Woodson Harvey

I'm super excited to share with you all the beautiful Kristy Woodson Harvey today!  Kristy and her mom Beth Woodson are a design duo from North Carolina that write the blog Design Chic.  I follow Design Chic on Pinterest HERE and read their design blog HERE.  Today I'm honored to share with you her new book Dear Carolina.  That's right, this designer and writer has become an author too.  I was anxious to get my hands on this book about a Southern design mom and her life's twist and turns as God knocks the socks off of her normal.  I loved the design vocabulary and fashion references but most of all I loved the moral at the end of the story.  

A book about love and life and what really matters most.  For an adoptive mom and a mom that has to give her baby up these two women's worlds get turned upside down in the best sort of way.  I loved that abortion gave way to adoption and what seemed like the harder choices gave way to the best decisions they ever made.  Kristy has hit the heart of every mother and woman trying to figure out what matters most in life.  I love so many quotes from her book but this one struck the cord with me:
"But what I did know, what my grandma been trying to teach me since I were little and sitting on her knee at church, was that people need Jesus."  ~Jodi

Seeing inside every mothers heart and head, Khaki unfolds the truth we all try to hide behind in our career facades.  That what truly matters is family and they come first "without needing to apologize for it".  

Beautifully written with whit and wisdom, Kristy reaches the readers heart and soul.  

Kristy is offering a $1,000 Shop Design Chic Shopping Spree to one lucky winner. To enter: Send proof of purchase of Dear Carolina (photos are fine!) to readdearcarolina@gmail. Every book is an extra entry!

Also receive a free e-copy of the Dear Carolina Companion cookbook, full of favorite Southern recipes from renowned bloggers and family members, and Dear Carolina printable quotes just for entering!

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  1. What wonderful compliments! I'm so thrilled that you would take the time to share Dear Carolina with your readers. Thank you so much!

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