Friday, March 30, 2012

Atlanta Interiors - Bedrooms

Today I wanted to feature the bedrooms of the Atlanta homes I posted about on Sunday. 
Muted tones in this master bedroom.  Love the fact there is a fireplace in here, lots of windows, and an eclectic mix of furnishings.  The headboard really makes a statement even though it's not my style I can still appreciate the quality of work here.

Sitting area in the Master is an added plus.  I love the velvet sofa and the roman shades.

Sisal!  Always makes a room look great.  Love the furniture here. 

More casual than the first two rooms but the bed linens here are so adorable and I love the natural tones in here.  Windows are great too!

Soft and much more traditional.  So much lighting it wouldn't be hard to get out of bed in this room.

I really like a four poster bed and can't go wrong with a fireplace.  It's hard to see but the mirrored closet doors are a nice feature.

Slightly more casual again but this room has a great pop of color to liven up the neutrals.

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