Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fredericksburg Homes

Fredericksburg is a cute little small town in the Texas hill country.  My husband and I just got back from our 11 year anniversary trip where we spent a few days at a relatives cabin in the Fredericksburg area and then headed to San Antonio.  The last day in Fredericksburg I drove around taking pictures of the adorable homes in the area.  Very quaint and very old, some of these homes start to look alike after awhile but each one has its own unique characteristics.  Not sure if I could live in a house like this long term but it was fun to drive around and capture the feel of the town and imagine the history behind the homes.

shutters and trim are a nice contrast to the stone

Favorite house - I know it's not historic looking but I love the clean lines and that round architectural feature (this may have been a side shot)

Probably my least favorite but worth showing

Beautiful landscape to greet you with a white picket fence

This home deserved two shots so you could see how quaint and cottage-like it is

This was another one I liked a lot

I like the small windows on the second story

This home had character.  

Another double porch

Like the double porch here and the clean lines with white trim.

We actually stayed in this bed and breakfast a long time ago.  It's for sale at the moment so if you want to take a further peak inside visit this website here.
The kitchen was really cute and it had a ton of rooms inside but the pictures don't do the home justice.

Last day in Fredericksburg with my husband.

Hope you enjoyed the homes!

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  1. I love Fredericksburg. I was just talking to my husband about how we should make a trip down there before summer ends. I also want to hit the San Marcos outlets. ;-)

    I hope you had a great anniversary trip!

  2. San Marcos outlets is always a good idea! My sister and I are always looking for a way to get down there and shop. Hope you get to go before the end of the summer!

    Trisha :)

  3. Hi Trisha, what a special trip! And such charming homes. Happy anniversary!!!

  4. Thanks Robin! It was a special trip - we weren't ready for it to be over with. Always enjoy your comments - thank you for taking the time.
    Enjoy your day~

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