Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Ultimate Architect

Are you like me, always wishing and hoping for a home of your dreams to build and live in one day?  Do you collect and contemplate what it will look like, feel like, be like to live in?  Where will the home be - for me I'm not so sure and I'm not sure it will happen but I am for sure about one home and that's the home I'll be in forever.

This home is made by an Architect who has already drawn the plans and rolled up the drawings with his professional stamp labeled "Sealed by God" on them.  From the beginning God created man and woman to live in a beautiful place in the presence of His company.  But with the sin of man came a change in that physical location and connection to Him.  His throne room then became exclusively accessed by Priests and a Temple made by man but designed specifically by God with exact measurements, materials, and instructions.  Throughout the Old Testament of the Bible are examples of God's earthly temple plans and the construction of them by His people.  Examples of this temple are of the Tabernacle in Moses day in Exodus 26-27 or King Solomon's temple 1 Kings Chapter 6. With the arrival of Christ to this earth and His death, the physical temple once again changed from an earthly location to a spiritual location that lives inside those that believe and put their trust in Christ and what He did so they can now have full access to their Heavenly Father, access that is not reserved for Priests alone.  Matthew 27:50-51 says that when Christ gave up his spirit, the temple curtain was torn in two which signifies that His death rolled back the curtain to the throne room of God so all who enter by the blood of Christ can access His presence.

This is the home, the temple, the dwelling that I am referring to, the one that will never change based on my location, condition, financial status or lack of, etc.  This temple, now dwelling in me, is the home of my Savior, My God and His Spirit.  1 Corinthians 3:16 and 2 Corinthians 6:16 says we are the temple of the living God.  This is the home He has designed for you and for me before the world began.  This is the mansion I should put my hope on, my trust in, my time in.  And He promises that when I get to that Heavenly place He has promised me, this temple will come to full fruition.  Jesus said He is preparing this place for me in John 14:2-4.  I'm not sure what it will look like but I do know it will not be lacking in beauty or quality.  I will not be disappointed or say "I wish I had done this differently" as I might if it was an actual earthly home I was building.  Nothing built in this earthly sphere is perfect and nothing makes me 100% happy but one day, that glorious day, 100% will be achieved.

This is His plan for you and for me, to work on this temple until it is complete.  He has already designed it and drawn the plans and He asks us like a builder to meet with Him to get our questions answered, to find out how to construct the detail He has drawn for us, to find out what's next because although God has already designed it He doesn't give us the entire set of drawings at one time or we might be overwhelmed so He gives us what we can handle at the moment, step by step He walks us through it and tells us how to build.  He even gives us a worker, the Holy Spirit, to help us do the work, the actual physical, hard labor that it takes to construct a building, a home, a temple.

Not only do I now possess this dwelling place but God Himself lives inside me, because you see this temple is not for ME it is for HIM.  It is so He can abide in me and have an everlasting relationship with me, a friendship with me that is unlike any friendship I will ever have.  John 14:23 says God makes a home with us.

So whether or not I get that home of my dreams is not for me to say or for me to even put my hope or time in because that home is just temporary.  What is most important is whether or not I am building and working on the temple He has planned out for me.  Am I investing in it with good materials or poor materials?  Am I building it on Christ, The Rock, or on this world that is like shifting sand, never stable or reliable?  Will it stand the rains, the storms that come its way, will it be ready for His return or will I have been too busy building this earthly dream home that I never got around to paying much attention to the dream home that lasts forever? (Reference from the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builder in Matthew 7:24-27)

Who is your Architect?  Who do you put your trust in, to build the home of your dreams?  Is it an eternal home you are investing your resources and time in or an earthly home?  Abraham was looking forward to his heavenly home (Hebrews 11:10), are we?

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  1. BEST blog post EVER! Love, love, love, love!!! Thank you--what a great way to start my morning! Let your light shine!


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