Friday, August 30, 2013

1stDibs - Washington D.C.

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I've been wanting to do a 1stDibs post again after doing this one here and here last summer so I began looking in Washington, D.C.  What better way to celebrate Labor Day then to go back to our roots that started this great movement of breaking for a day to recognize the contributions workers have made to our country.  

This top 10 list all started with the Queen Anne style wingback in the red and white toile from Spurgeon Lewis Antiques.  From there, I couldn't resist the blue and white star quilt from Stella Rubin.  Definitely some red white and blue so it's not my kind of everyday living but would be perfect in a lake house or second home.  

I absolutely loved antiquing in Washington, Maryland and Virginia when I lived there.  I remember making several trips to The Great British Pine so I love this pine chest of drawers.  The Regency style Sheffield silver plate lamp and bust would look perfect on the chest with a stack of books.  

The English flow blue soup plates would look beautiful in the painted pine buffet deux corps.  I can see this in a breakfast room with the painted round table and the mix of a more contemporary look with the mid-century modern resin string chairs.  

Hope you enjoyed cyber antiquing with me...HAPPY LABOR DAY!

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