Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tumblr: Blue and White

Many of you may not know this but I am on Tumblr as well.  I know you are probably thinking why would I have two blogs but I consider the one on Tumblr a great picture dictionary of beautiful interiors and images.  I actually have 3 Tumblr blogs but I am going to share each of them with you in separate posts.  I like to keep the suspense going...

So for me Tumblr is food for thought and a great way for me to look at my favorite images and my personal style and taste and see it pulled together in one place.  It's a visual conversation without written words.  I have a weakness for gorgeous rooms and stunning interiors.  It's like the images talk to me and stimulate my design senses without ever saying a word.  I can actually smell, touch, imagine being in the space all by looking at an image or I can see one picture and create many ideas from that one stimulus.

So, I've gathered some favorite blue and white rooms from my Tumblr site.  I can never get enough blue and white.  Timeless and classic it is always going to be found in my house.
So hop on over to Tumblr and check it out HERE!

Also check out my favorite Tumblr blogs to follow:

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