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Waterworks + Betty Lou Phillips


You might be wondering what Waterworks and Betty Lou Phillips have in common.  Well I'll tell you!  Waterworks is the maker of gorgeous bathroom and now kitchen fixtures, faucets and fittings along with tile, lighting, sink basins, and accessories.  Betty Lou Phillips is a local Dallas interior designer and author famous for her french design.  Waterworks hosted a fabulous book signing event for Betty Lou Phillips new book The French Way with Design (buy it here).  I was ecstatic to meet and see Betty Lou Phillips in person since I love her work and books and I was just as excited to check out Waterworks Dallas new showroom.  Both exceeded my expectations. 

Here's Betty Lou Phillips (isn't she stunningly beautiful).  
I had to show you these first two pictures because of my love for black and white and the gorgeous black and white towels from Waterworks and Betty Lou Phillips black and white skirt here = the essence of a great match which is exactly what the evening was.  Both Betty Lou Phillips and Waterworks hold the highest regard for style and classical substance.  True to their roots and love for quality design they consistently maintain the standard for excellence in design.

So the first 30 people to get there and buy a book won a great gift bag with Waterworks soap (which I love) and yummy macaroons that took me back to Paris along with the newest copy of the latest Luxe Magazine.  Thank you Luxe for those macaroons!!!!

Betty Lou Phillips was very dignified and soft spoken but you could see the rock solid foundation behind her graceful demeanor.

And look at these tiles!  I am in love and have not seen anything Waterworks has done that I would not want to use in a design project or my own personal residence.  Waterworks is kind of like Neiman Marcus - it's the top of the line and does not disappoint.

I loved the all white background and sleek installation of all the gorgeous Waterworks fixtures.  Here you see a variety of their finishes and their many options.  I think I've said this before but fixtures are like jewelry to me.  They accessorize a room and make a statement and selecting the right fixture is just as important as any other part of the bathroom.  If it does not compliment and merge with the design intent it can throw off the whole room in the wrong direction.

  Stunning lines and proportions on this faucet!

Sconces!  I mean what does Waterworks not think of to complete an entire bathroom?!!  Love the pleated shade and look at the lucite accent with the sleek polished nickel finish.

Ok, if you have not smelled their body product line you are seriously missing out.  The Fresh Linen was in our gift bag and it smells heavenly.  Their packaging only enhances the great fragrances.

I have always eyed those lucite knobs shown here.  Such a sophisticated bathroom install with the marble pedestal top and the gray glass tiles.  The white mirror sets it all off.  Love the adjacent tile and mirror as well.  I wish I could just show you the entire showroom with each vignette.  So gorgeous!

The classic subway tile is updated and modernized in black and offset with the contrasting grout.  You can take Waterworks products and go completely contemporary or very traditional or somewhere in between and always ended up with a winning design.

This fixture is a perfect example of the level of detail and beauty in each Waterworks product.  This is their Boulevard collection inspired from found objects from the 1930's inspiring elegance and evoking a strong silhouette.  This is not your typical trim and valve design…it's way above the standard designs on the market.

Beautiful book, beautiful people and a stunning showroom.

So great to see so many people support Betty Lou Phillips new book.

Betty Lou Phillips and Christy Gatchell, Waterworks Dallas General Manager.

Here I am with Lisa Jackson and Ressie Ehle from Materials Marketing.  Remember my Materials Marketing post here?

Look at the numerous sample boards of tile.  So much to choose from.

Sneak peak of the gorgeous white tiles in the background.

Just like the tiles, I loved all the white and sparkle in the showroom.

Betty Lou Phillips latest book and check out the tile mosaics in the background.

Sarah Walsh and Christy Gatchell

Luxe is always a huge contributor to the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art.  So thankful for their continued support and sponsorship at each event.

A fabulous line up of great designers and industry professionals.
Margaret Chambers (far right) is an ICAA Steering Committee member.

(from left to right)
Julie Willenbrock is a Sales Representative for Waterworks, Shanan Koschak is the Sales Director for Luxe Magazine, Sarah Walsh is the Texas Publisher for Luxe Magazine, Christy Gatchell is the Dallas Waterworks General Manager, and Tom Nugent is Design Manager/Studio Lead for Lamberts Landscape Company.

Elle Cole, Tom Nugent and Christy Gatchell

A fun group of people posing in the shower mock-up

The Fabulous Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine were stacked around the showroom to take one home!

Betty Lou Phillips and Glenn Murray with Architectural Bling

What is not to love here!  The white porcelain on this super classic fixture is timeless.

Loving this combination of sleek black tile and two types of marble and their logo!

To see more of Betty Lou Phillips works and her books you can check them all out on her website  here.

Thank you Betty Lou Phillips!

The back cover shows a glimpse of the stunning rooms you will find inside.

This is the duo that always makes it happen!

(Left) Valerie Wood also works for Waterworks in Dallas and is the Social Media chair for the ICAA Young Professionals.  (Right) Christy Gatchell is the Waterworks showroom Manager and is the Steering Committee Chair for the Dallas/Fort Worth Institute of Classical Architecture and Art.  

I have a list of blog ideas I want to write about and showing you Waterworks showroom was at the top of my list.  So thankful that Luxe hired a great photographer, David Loi to share this special night with you.  Thank you LUXE Magazine and Waterworks for hosting/sponsoring this special event along with the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter ICAA.

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