Friday, May 18, 2012

Grayson's 2nd Birthday Party

My little boy turned 2!  It was a fast and furious day with lots to be thankful for.  First of all, it didn't rain!  It had rained a lot the day before so I was so glad when I woke up and it wasn't raining.  I had been praying all week about it.  God is in every detail even when I was putting everything together down to the last minute.  Thank you to all our friends and family for making this day special.
Grayson eating his birthday cake his great grandmom Ba made for him.

Welcome sign

Drink table
The cooler is my mom's, the plates are my sister's

You can't really see them but the styrofoam cups I stamped with a red anchor

The adorable napkins my friend Amy bought for me.  They are red with white and blue anchors.  I was so excited when she showed them to me - thank you Amy!

I was going for an eclectic lounge look.  (The lanterns are my mom's)

This was actual sand and shells from my honeymoon 11 years ago!

My mother in law helped me make these pillows and I cut out 2's and applied them to the front.

One of the children's tables.  I found these great sand and sea creatures at Hobby Lobby and made the sand cut out on the blue paper for them to put the stickers on.  The bucket in the background was for fishing with those magnetic fish.

Dessert Table (the vases are my sisters)

My sister also made the cupcakes and they were delicious.  I purchased the flowers from Tom Thumb.

I put this bunting up with the 2's on it about 5 minutes before the party - the mirror was too much by itself.  I was a little stressed at that point!

So I made this menu before realizing the lobster cookies with the cookie cutter I mentioned here were not going to work.  I made 5 batches of dough and started using the cookie cutter about 10pm 3 nights before the party but the lobster kept falling apart and dough kept crumbling.  It was not meant to be and  I had a lot to do so I gave up and moved on.

BooBoo and Pappaw made the french fries and Nick made the burger sliders.  

We also had chicken nuggets and goldfish for the kids.

The tags on the limbs were Grayson's top 10 favorite things and the pictures were his most hilarious moments of this last year.  Each child got a small bucket with a bag of whale crackers.

My two special blessings!  So thankful you are both in my life.

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  1. Everything looks so pretty, Trisha. What a cute party!

    1. Thanks Charlton and thank you for adding me to your blog roll!

  2. Happy Birthday to your adorable son! Thanks for sharing his beautiful party! You're very talented. What great memories you're making :)
    Have a lovely week!

    1. Thank you Robin - you are so kind to comment and I appreciate the compliment - that just made my day!:)

  3. Glad to know about this birthday party. Recently, I arranged my brother’s birthday party at one of the amazing Los Angeles venues. Ordered a birthday cake and made good arrangements. He really liked this party a lot and had enjoyed it very much.


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