Friday, September 14, 2012

Curtis & Windham

Magnificent...I think this would be the one word I would use to describe Curtis & Windham Architects.  I love the homes they have created.  A Houston Architectural firm with former careers in Washington, D.C. and London (I think that makes a lot of sense after studying their work).   Bill Curtis and Russell Windham know architecture and they produce it well.  Classical principals, detailing and traditional forms come together to produce the one of a kind work of this most talented firm.

I am fascinated with their ability to design the country house to the city house perfectly integrated with the vernacular in mind.  Oh, and if you need someone to do your landscape architecture they've got that covered as well.  Top of my list of most respected firms.  
View more of their work on their website here.

Inverness Residence 

Inverness Residence and Gardens

Bonney Brier Residence and Gardens

 Knollwood Residence and Gardens

Chappell Hill Farm

Del Monte Residence Addition

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  1. Hey Trisha! You introduce me to so many great homes and architects. Thanks :) This last home reminds me of a favorite home that was down the street from us growing up, just add a little picket fence around the front garden and a bit of chippendale rail at the front porch! Very nice to pin this.
    take care,

    1. Hi Robin! Good to hear from you - I love learning about architects and designers as well so I'm glad I have this outlet to share what I learn with others. It's amazing how talented people are and the creativity God has given people encourages and motivates me. I love the last home - it is so regal. Thank you for the pins and your input. I've been thinking - I would love to do a post on you as an artist - is that something you would be interested in?

  2. Thanks Trisha, would love to talk more, email me on my website. I agree constant inspiration!


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