Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nantucket Builder - Cross Rip Development

Cross Rip Development is a custom home builder in Nantucket, MA.  A full service construction company that produces unique and beautiful Nantucket homes.  Each home featured has wonderful details and materials and its own creative style.  I love how the homes are scaled appropriately and aren't over the top.  Marble bathrooms, white kitchens, cozy bedrooms, inviting living spaces...what more could you want in a Nantucket home?  Each home has a great staircase and trim details.  I think the Cisco Residence is my favorite but I love the curb appeal of the Shimmo Residence.  
Which home do you prefer?

For a closer look at their portfolio visit their website HERE.

Cisco Residence

Surfside Residence


Shimmo Residence


Cisco Cottage

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