Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kirsten Kelli

Kirsten Fitzgibbons and Kelli Ford are Dallas sisters and decorators making Dallas a lot more refined.  I ran across this firm on Facebook here and couldn't resist taking some time to show you some of my favorite images from their portfolio.  They are also the owners of one of my favorite stores in Highland Park called Madison.  La Dolce Vita did a great blog post on an amazing Dallas home Kirsten Kelli designed here.  Designing spaces from Beverly Hills to New York and in between, this duo has talent and some fantastic results from lots of hard work.

 I had so much fun just browsing their projects because each one had such a unique style and amazing details.  The fact that the pillows make a statement along with the trim on the sofa and the art all works and compliments each other.  That's a bold move and it works wonders for this space.  Great example of not trying to match too much and definitely not trying to match art to your space.  Designer tip, if you didn't know it, is do not match your art to the colors in your room.  Art should stand alone and compliment but not be selected to match the colors.

 An elegant vignette with metal details.  Love the more unfinished look of the beside table against the gold french chair.  The contrast of texture makes a great statement.

Definitely a New York project, this space is ultra luxurious 

Love canopy beds.  They are my favorite.  

Contemporary art and traditional interiors are always thought provoking

This blue and white space (published by Veranda) is complimented by the ever so subtle check wall.

A big bold print done well.  Repeated again for balance and just look at the accessories in this room.

Another canopy!  This picture I added below but you'll notice the chairs and seating are different.  Love how staging for photography or just a change of upholstery can completely transform a space.

Blue and Gold - who does this?  I know, Kirsten Kelli does and they do it well!  Every detail is perfect.

It's amazing to go from the above blue and gold picture to this low key kitchen and yet each space has so much character and style.

Very traditional living space with layers of prints cohesively combined.

Love all the stripes in this outdoor space.   

I'm a sucker for pink and no you cannot have enough of it if you love the color!

Mix of fabrics and prints is cohesive through the blue and white theme

Black and white theme here and the architectural details have glamour written all over this space.

Lacquer walls, chevron floor and marble galore 

More low key than some of the other project shots I'm showing you but I love the slipcovers on the back of the chairs and the european style kitchen layout.  Those light fixtures are perfect!

I've seen this one float around pinterest but I just can't get enough of those checks.  The pop of lavender  lacquered mid-century nightstands screams good design.

This photo was on La Dolce Vita's blog post but I just love all the glamour and ikat going on here.

Black kitchen done right!  

The mix of moroccan, french and mid-century pieces keep things interesting and yet the compliment each other so well

Who wouldn't want to eat in a blue lacquered dining room with one of my favorite china patterns

Gold it is while the traditional soft furnishings keep this room in check and very sophisticated.

So I love the chair and fabric in this project picture.  The marble carved fireplace and contemporary art are the focal point of the room.

This was also featured on La Dolce Vita but this dining space is so incredible I just had to add it in my favorites.

Storefront to Madison in Highland Park via The Party Dress
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  1. Love seeing your work compiled together. Congrats to two of my favorite people who are enormously talented and chic! Love, Am

  2. The Dallas home is spectacular! Our company Vigini Paint and Design created all the finishes including the gilding in the blue study. The mapping out of the Missoni floor was particularly interesting but the final finish is magical!


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