Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ferguson & Shamamian Part I

The prestigious firm of Ferguson & Shamamian is among Architectural Digest's Top 100 which is no surprise to me when I view their work and the broad range of style and character that comes with each of their designs.  High End homes from the East Coast to the West Coast and numerous New York Apartments all finger paint a magnificent work of art called Ferguson & Shamamian.  Mark Ferguson and Oscar Shamamian each carry elite degrees from Universities such as Princeton and Columbia that it is no wonder their work is so breathtaking.  They incorporate regional design and historical style to develop each project with uniqueness and creativity best suited to each individual client.  Holding numerous awards and publications, some of their work may be familiar to you but there is so much depth and detail to each image that I'm sure you won't mind seeing some of these again.  Like the last two posts, there are so many images that this time I've decided to break this into 2 parts.  I unfortunately don't have the time I want to comment on each image so please enjoy the eye candy and you might want to grab some coffee because I've pulled my favorites and there are a lot!

Nantucket, MA
Interior Design by Victoria Hagan

Greenwich, CT

Los Angeles, CA

Chargrin Falls, OH

Los Angeles, CA

Lattingtown, NY

Malibu, CA

Westport, CT

Martha's Vineyard

Westport, CT

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