Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Study in Contrast - Part II

image is my own from my backyard

I wonder what the day between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday was like for God, for the man who sent His only son to fight the battle of good vs. evil, who allowed His only son to die, who even turned His back on Jesus because His holiness could not watch His only son take on sin...I wonder what God was thinking, feeling, doing???  We know the people were mourning, sorrowful for what just happened and their lack of faith in Who He was.  We know Satan was fuming, he had just lost the greatest battle he will fight although many small battles were and still are to come the greatest battle was over and he was not the winner.

I wonder...

I'm thinking God must have been full of pride for His son who chose the greatest sacrifice for all, joy that He was going to rise again the next day, anticipation to show all His glory and majesty and LOVE and extreme excitement about the resurrection - the chance to prove WHO He is and WHOSE He is.

And then there was Sunday...

Not an ordinary day to say the least but one of extraordinary magnitude like none other.  The man that was so common, so lowly and even entered death in such literal terms that he was beaten to an unrecognizable state of flesh, was now a new creation.  He holds a far superior ranking in the heavens - second in command to God the Father.  He came from Everything, to nothing and back to everything again.  He was and is the Light of the World.  He now holds the flashlight-He is the key to unlock the door, the chains, the prisoners, those lost and lonely, sad and depressed, hurting and suffering, stubborn and unsatisfied, the belittled, the proud, the abused and the abuser.  He offers LIGHT - a chance to see THE WAY, the only way to true joy and peace.  He offers PEACE - the only way to live in a constant upgrade world with contentment and thankfulness.  He offers LIFE - not just life in the here today but life in the gone tomorrow sense of the term.  It's a chance to never taste the kiss of death again.  A chance to enter the heights of His love, experience the unexplainable freedom that now exists to live, to know, to understand, and see what truly is, what truly was and what truly is to come.  CHRIST!

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